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Netspot is a platform allowing WiFi monetization using hotspot management system. Netspot device (plug and play router with modified firmware) can be easily integrated into existing WiFi network or create a new one.

Publishers (restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, airports, means of transport and other public places) can use their customers' mobile phone screens as advertising space to display third-party ads and make money with each user connection to internet via WiFi hotspot created by Netspot solution.

Advertisers can display advertisements through Netspot platform and get fully responsive and highly targeted advertising space with high Click-Through-Rate and ability to redirect users to predefined website immediately after their connection to the Internet via Netspot.


Netspot offers benefits for:

 a) Publishers (restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, airports, taxis and other places with clients who connect to free WiFi)

  •  Usage of Netspot and its functions;
  • Profit from WiFi advertising space rental (we provide Advertisers);
  • Advertising space for own products (special offers, daily menus, happy hours, discounts, upcoming events, etc.);
  • Detailed statistics (WiFi hotspot usage, types of connected devices, returning customers, data traffic, etc.)

b) Advertisers (media agencies, PR agencies, enterprises, etc.)

  •  Highly targeted advertisements;
  • Location targeting;
  • Customers monitoring;
  • Detailed statistics;
  • Fully responsive display of advertisements on different devices;
  • New advertising space;
  • Enhanced customer engagement;
  • High Click-Through-Rate (around 75 %);
  • Website or Facebook pages traffic increase (positive impact on SEO, collecting Facebook likes);
  • Remarketing.

 c) Users (Publishers´clients – restaurant visitors, travelers on airports, customers in shopping centers, etc.) 

  • Free internet connection (after seeing the ad);
  • All advantages of WiFi compared to mobile connection (saving mobile data limit - FUP, better signal strength, higher data transfer rate, battery life extension).


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