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Ki-Wi Digital ( is an ICT company developing a specific Digital Signage software for remote control and content management of digital screens, such as LCD/LED displays, tablets, interactive kiosks, designed particularly for customers out of retail, advertising agencies, industrial companies and municipalities.

Ki-Wi Digital provides its customers with the tools for direct and targeted communication with shoppers at the point of sale through a digital visual devices. It interconnects the virtual world with a brick and mortar stores. It brings the fun and excitement of modern technology, and transforms stores environment in a new shopping experience.

Ki-Wi Server:

Ki-Wi Server is a cloud software for remote control, planning and content management of LCD/LED display , tablets and interactive kiosks. It provides maximum reliability, uncompromising functionality, easy-to-use control interface and many other additional features.

Ki- Wi Server provides the ability to split the screen into several parts using variaty of templates.
Ki-Wi Server allows targeting and planning of content anytime and anywhere. It provides advanced dynamic planning. You can easily plan for each display separately what, when, at what intervals, with what regularity will be displayed.

Ki-Wi Server monitors all connected displays. You can immediately see whether the display is online or offline, what content is playing and when was the display turned on. 

Ki-Wi Player

Ki-Wi Player is a professional application for playback of digital content on any digital surfaces. Ki-Wi Player can broadcast pictures, videos, sounds, animations, websites, texts and also components that show weather, breaking news, headlines, current date and time, and more.

Ki-Wi Player can split displayed content into several parts using templates. The advantage of Ki-Wi Player are the online updates and remote monitoring of digital displays, power saving features, efficient data stream, support of tablets and adjustment of the volume of a player. 


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