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eBRÁNA s.r.o.

Bratranců Veverkových 316
530 02  Pardubice
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 464 625 943
WWW: www.ebrana.cz
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Company profile and services/solutions offered:

eBRÁNA was founded in 2003 and nowadays it is one of the leaders in the field of web development projects in the Czech Republic. Since its foundation (until the year 2011) it has produced more than 2.500 websites, e-shops, intranet and extranet solutions, and specialized web applications for about 2.000 active clients. Its target group are mainly small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as significant Czech companies. The work of eBRÁNA is regularly awarded in numerous expert competitions such as WebTop100 or Web of The Year.

The main pillar is the implementation of websites where eBRÁNA develops on a long term basis the content management system WebArchitect (www.webarchitect.cz). eBRÁNA has developed the product B2C Brána (www.b2cbrana.cz) in order to create e-shops.  This product covers the needs of both small entrepreneurs and large companies with hundreds of thousands of products. B2C Brána offers advanced infrastructure with the possibility of links to the information system. Another significant segment due to which eBRÁNA achieved a leading position in the market is the web-based software REALBrána (www.realbrana.cz) for real estate agencies.

An integral part is building and execution of marketing strategies on the internet mainly for companies in the SME segment. eBRÁNA offers to its customers a unique mix of measurable activities (SEO, PPC and PR) on the Internet, which can dramatically improve the performance of websites.


ETA a.s.

ETA is a traditional Czech manufacturer of consumer electronics. The cooperation with eBRÁNA dates from 2009. eBRÁNA is the main supplier of web solutions for ETA where the basis of the cooperation is the realization of www.eta.cz, including marketing activities. There were developed several other smaller project within the framework of the cooperation.

Bochemie Group a.s.

Bochemie Group is a major manufacturer of branded household care products under the brand name SAVO and other labels. During the cooperation with Bochemie eBRÁNA implemented specialized web portals for individual product lines, where the most significant is www.savo.eu.

FV plast a.s.

FV PLAST specializes in manufacturing and the related development of plastic pressure piping systems for drinking water and water for industrial purposes, central and floor heating systems. eBRÁNA implements the complete brand-management, ranging from website activities to outdoor advertising designs.


NEXT REALITY GROUP a.s. is a leading Czech real estate agency. eBRÁNA is a leading supplier of web solutions including a system for managing the real estate agency REALBrána. Furthermore eBRÁNA implements the comprehensive internet marketing for this company.


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