Centrepoint s.r.o.

Lichoceves 1                                                         
252 64 Velké Přílepy                                               

Phone: +420 220 515 605
E-mail: office@centrepoint.cz
Web: www.datahubverne.cz

Company profile and services/solutions offered:

Centrepoint s.r.o. was found in 2001 as a property development and management company. Since then, Centrepoint has managed several projects ranging from commercial property management through managing a solar project, office and logistics centre to recently kick starting DataHub Verne, a project with a vision to create a hyper-efficient web-scale data center facility for modern enterprises in Northern Bohemia.

DataHub Verne Centrepoint powered by CEZ off grid, high resilience energy supply with scalability of up to 150MW, is bringing to market the first 1MW of hyper-efficient fully managed modern enterprise cloud platforms and further 7MW of wholesale white space in the first quarter of 2018. Committed to open source, by leveraging the Open Compute Project hardware platforms started by Facebook, and OpenStack, the leading Open source software for creating private and public clouds, developed to support the vision of a sustainable data center, the Pilot will deploy the pioneering Vapor IO Chamber rack system with PUE of 1.1, high density Open Compute 25Kw racks and will offer cloud service agnostic, modern enterprise hybrid-cloud solutions to fully manage DCaaS, PaaS, IaaS, DR, back up, enterprise cloud migration-as-a-service/DRaaS, and OpenStack or Azure Stack offerings.


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