DataBreakers s.r.o.

Nekázanka 881/9
110 00  Praha 1                                                                   

Phone: +420 605 245 255

Company profile and services/solutions offered:

DataBreaker is a product whose goal is to automatically solve complex business tasks with methods of machine learning, predictions and artificial intelligence.

Amounts of data are endlessly growing, capturing information about everything, in data there is what your customers want, in data there is why something succeeded and something didn’t and answers to questions you didn’t even know that you could get answers to. We take those informations and automatically learn from every mistake or success stored in there on personal level related to each customer. Based on those amounts of informations we make automated decisions, create insights and make predictions of the future.

Main effects are bringing more revenue, reduce costs, enabling people to do more creative work instead of repetitive boring work with automation, showing new posibilities to companies and changing how they work with our advanced technologies and delivering information for important business decisions.

This is done based on raw transactional/interaction data and user and product informations with no need of analytics knowledge on customer part.

Product has several moduls for specific use cases.


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