Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions a.s.

European Business Center
Dukelskych hrdinu 34
170 00  Praha 7

Phone: +420 266 177 166


We’re Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions. We enjoy designing and applying IT solutions and services that support and develop the visions of companies: both large and small. In practical terms, we provide consultancy services and supply software solutions. We focus on the area of sales support and communication of our customers via multi-channel applications. We develop solutions for:

  • the Internet,
  • mobile and phone banking,
  • self-service systems for ordering and setting up services,
  • systems for the management and support of mobile staff providing servicing or
  • systems for optimising and managing processes between sales channels (front office) and back office.

Our customers are major players in the various financial fields (banks, insurance companies, leasing and credit institutions), telecommunications, sales and services. Customers call us their strategic partner. Why? Because in their eyes we don’t make software, but help them achieve the best economic results – for instance, by innovating their own processes and commercial services. Our know-how in IT is only a means to an end.

So where do our strong points lie? We’re the leader in merging customised software development with high security standards. The Cleverlance group also features the AEC brand, which is synonymous with great security solutions. The second pillar of our specific approach consists of an emphasis on user experience. Investment into quality ergonomics are investments into the software’s usability. Another priority of our work is the broad use of Model-Based Development (MBD). Its main benefits are 1) protection of investments into the analysis and development of sales processes, 2) independence of technology and, last but not least, 3) significant life extension of IS that does not become obsolete and does not require regular re-engineering.

How do we do this? We believe in creativity. We don’t see creativity as the ability to walk with your head in the clouds and spin audacious plans, but as a productive discipline in resolving tasks. If it is true that the complexity of the world and business will increase at an unprecedented tempo, creativity is an attribute that will ensure adaptation, survival and success for a business. Our success then consists of well adapted and successful customers.


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