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The fourth run has its winners - Infinitus Prime tVR, DayTrip a Shopsys Framework. We congratulate the winners.

In previous rounds of Czech ICT Incubator traveled to San Francisco 7 companies. Specifically, the projects Manta Tools, EasyCore, Bileto, Travelove, Lumitrix, BattSwap and holder of the special Prize of Jury is Simplity.

Goal of the Program

Looking for investors, partners or customers? Czech ICT Alliance and Prague Startup Centre entered into a cooperation with incubators in San Francisco, Palo Alto and Mountain View, eg. Runway, Vault, Galvanize, Bootup and another, where you can be, thanks to the program Czech ICT Incubator placed up to two months.

Registration process is based on received presentations (presentation guidelines can be found HERE)

Main partner



Incubator Offers

  • 4.500 USD cash value @ 0 equity
    • 1.500 USD - Runway SF
    • 3.000 USD - Mentoring
    • CzechInvest Support
    • Corinth - Mentoring


  • Czech Entity
  • English communication skills
  • Core business: VR/AR, SW, HW, Apps
    • VR/AR / Software / hardware / e-commerce / mobile applications, ideally with a link to customer care and efficient use of energy, for example:
      • Customer segmentation based on innovative methods of collection and use of data
      • The attractiveness of information on energy consumption and related customer communication
      • Means of controlling power consumption in services and household
  • Special categories: innovative start-up phase of the project with very promising potential (hardware & software).on the US market
  • At least functional prototype or highly innovative start-up with wordl wide potential (SW, HW)

The winners will be chosen by jury, composing

 The selection process

2 laps selection process:

      1. Basic application of formal verification

Describe your company's product team, competition, market (essentially prepare their investor pitch). There will be a formal check of applications that meet the conditions of the program, in case of doubt, we will request additional information.

      2. The final choice

The choice companies make a jury made up of experienced American businessmen, investors, representative partner incubator Runway + Rockaway representatives and (The choice is not involved in any of the Czech ICT Alliance nor CzechInvest).

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