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The field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has over the past few years transformed from a field on the outskirts to one of the most important sectors of the Czech economy. So it deserves adequate support:

  • Almost 33,000 ICT enterprises in the region are employing more than 130,000 workers. Exports of ICT goods has grown 15 times over the past 10 years to 360 billion CZK in 2008, which contributes to the total export by nearly 15% and makes ICT a very important export commodity (This percentage increased during the period by more than 5.5 times).
  • Another very promising field is the export of IT services which increased its value more than 8.3 times in seven years to $786,827,863 in 2007 (13.6 billion CZK according to the current exchange rate), nearly 88% exported to Europe, 10% to the U.S. (export of services grew significantly each year - 30% between 2007 and 2008 and 23% between 2006 and 2007 to $ 22,318,275,445 in 2008).
  • In the year 2008, an average IT worker paid around 350,000 CZK to the state on taxes (in 2002 only 213.000 CZK), the average salary is 43,703 CZK per month.
  • A Junior IT professional with minimum experience (20-24 years of age) is earning 2,500 CZK more than the average Czech worker, a senior IT professional (65 plus years of age) earns 16,000 CZK more.
  • An Average IT worker with only s secondary education and without GCSE earns about 2,500 CZK more than the average Czech worker. An Average IT worker with s secondary education and GCSE earns 12.500 CZK more!
  • The Cost of ICT equipment and services in the Czech Republis amounted to 742 billion CZK in 2007, of which 129 billion CZK was for IT services and 30 billion CZK was for software.
  • Manufacturers of ICT services generate the second highest average annual added value per employee in the entire Czech economy - 1,833,998 CZK. According to CzechInvest, any third investment in the Czech Republic goes to the IT sector.

On the other hand, the field of information and communication technologies is facing a fundamental challenge: to attract new job seekers. For the past 10 years the number of experts in the Czech Republic increased by 49,400, there are two major BUTs: in the age group of potential ICT industry professionals (15-24), there was a slight decline in the number of workers. Within the 49,400 new professionals there are only 1000 women; therefore, there was a significant percent decrease in women in IT by 9% (from 22% to 13%).

Companies in the field of information and communication technologies have never been traditional complainants, have never lobbied significantly across the board for their discipline, and have never organized any coercive actions. Companies in the field have virtually zero unemployment and contribute significant taxes to the government; therefore, deserve systematic support.

Our clear vision is to be a leading European ICT destination, particularly in the area of value-added services, which is not only the development of IT solutions and applications but also research and development of ICT products.

This can be achieved only if we create new business opportunities for Czech firms on foreign markets, motivate Czech students to enter this modern sector and effectively present the Czech Republic as a capable and effective partner, not only as a source of cheap labor. That time has thankfully ended.


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