The technological alliance of companies, focusing on modern and advanced technologies. The main aim of alliance is to interconnect and put into practise systems and solutions, which can bring real benefits to their future users through its characters. We link together and support promising solutions regardless of whether it was created by small Czech company, group of “enthusiastic programmers” or large multinational company.

All projects are confronted with real market need, which is made up of “initial terms and future characteristics” of alliance solved projects.

We initialized the formation of association for assistive OAAT technologies as the foundation for common understanding and the process of advance for commercial entities, campuses, civil services and citizens associations in support of urgent problem solution – massive ageing of the human population.

Currently, we focus on these issues:

  • ageing of population;
  • e-Health and home telemedicine;
  • smart home with links to assistive technologies;
  • increase usability of the Internet in everyday life and household.

HIGH TECH PARK prepares the development of the first private HIGH TECH CAMPUS in Prague with unique conditions for starting experts and further also the Resort for happy life of older generation, with the employment of current technological solutions focused on these issues.


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